Do you have a gift registry?

As many of you know, we live a relatively minimalist life and we are lucky to have all the things we could ever need to make our little flat a home. While the presence of your company is the only gift we wish for, we do have a small, alternative gift registry set up for those who have expressed an interest in offering a gift to mark the occasion.

Which meals are provided?

Breakfast is provided and will be self-serve in the castle dining room from 9:00am on Sunday and Monday. We will serve a brunch from 9am to 11:30am on Saturday, along with light snacks following the ceremony, and then dinner in the evening.

For guests who arrive on Friday we will have a simple welcome dinner at the castle (time TBD).

The kitchens are open and free to use for the duration of the weekend if you’d like to cook (please help us keep the kitchen tidy and clean). You can get many grocery items at the local Centra. 

There are a handful of food options within walking distance, in the town of Castletownroche, and many more within a 10 minute drive.

I want to spend more time in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe. What's the best way to find additional accommodation?

If you are extending your trip beyond the wedding weekend, we recommend using booking.com or Airbnb to find accommodation for the wedding weekend or your trip. You can use our referral link to get 10% off at Booking.com, or you can receive $43 toward your first reservation on Airbnb by using this link.

What's the easiest way to get from Dublin to Cork?

If you prefer not to drive, there are two express bus options, via Aircoach or GoBé Bus. The trip costs between €12 and €19 and takes about 3 hours.

Can someone give me a lift from Cork City or Cork Airport to the castle?

If you need transportation from Cork city or the airport to the castle, please get in touch with us. We will do our best to arrange carpools or we may hire a shuttle, depending on how many people are in need of a lift.

What is the dress code?

Formal attire is not required! Feel free to dress in whatever makes you comfortable. We’re getting married at a castle situated on expansive grounds, so while the main events are primarily indoors, you may find yourself walking across dirt and grass. Additionally, there are rough, stone stairs leading up to the tower room where our ceremony will be held, so those wearing heels may want to plan accordingly and bring a pair of flats. The weather will likely be mild, but the night does tend to get a bit cold, so you might want to bring something to throw on when the sun goes down.

What is the weather like in September in Cork?

Weather in Cork in September varies between cold (6°C / 42°F) and warm (20°C / 68°F) but on average days are sunny with scattered clouds and mild temperature. You cannot go wrong with layers (light long sleeves, long pants) and waterproof shoes for walking around the castle grounds.

Might I need an outlet adapter or power converter?

Yes, while Ireland is in the EU, plugs and outlets are British. Keep in mind that an adapter will be needed for all non-Irish plugs, but you may also need a power converter for particular appliances (hair dryers, curling irons, etc.) You typically do not need a power converter for laptops or cell phone chargers. 

We can recommend these plug adapters (Type G)

Outlets can be few and far between especially in old buildings, so if you have a lot of electrical items you may want to consider purchasing a universal power strip which can be used with a plug adapter (we recommend this one).  Keep in mind that this is just an adapter, it is not a power converter. 

Will there be internet access or cell phone service in Castletownroche?

There may be limited cell phone reception at the castle, but it is best not to rely on it. You may borrow Anna or Roderick's local cell phone if you need to call a taxi, make plans, etc.

There is no wifi or internet connectivity at the castle, although a connection may be found in the nearby town.

Where can I find a pharmacy/grocery store/clinic ?

Castletownroche town is well equipped for your needs and is walking distance to the castle.

However, if you know you need something upon your arrival in Ireland, we recommend you pick it up in Dublin or Cork City as there will be more selection. Cork City is 45 minutes away from Blackwater Castle by car. 

Most towns will have a small local chemist (pharmacy) but you can also look for a Boots (similar to a Walgreens), which are found throughout Ireland. 

Grocery stores throughout Ireland include Supervalu, Tesco, Aldi. Convenience stores include Centra and Spar. 

If you have a medical need while you are in Ireland, most local surgeries and doctors can see you for between €50 and €100. You do not need health insurance in Ireland to access care or prescriptions (which can also be had for an affordable amount). 

What kinds of activities and excursions can I do?

We recommend that you take Sunday, September 23 to enjoy what the castle grounds and local town have to offer, or take a daytrip to one of the many nearby sights. 

Explore the castle grounds and nearby town: 
Blackwater Castle is situated on a protected nature reserve and home to endangered species such as the red squirrel. Otters, falcons, foxes, hedgehogs, bats, bumble bees, pheasants, eagles and peregrine falcons have all made their homes here and a woodland or river walk exploring all that nature has to offer here is a treat for young and old alike.

Take a daytrip: 
Cork City is less than 1 hour away and well worth a visit for everything from historical sites to food, shops and some of the best trad music in Ireland.

Or if you'd like the coastal town experience, Kinsale (where we live) is about 1 hour 15 minutes away by car. This historical town is home to famous star fort Charles Fort, is supremely walkable and has some of the best food in Ireland.